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The best way to reach us is via email (if we aren't out raising money or preparing a prodcution, we are probably at a show). Below is a list of primary contacts. If you want to be kept abreast of our regular goings-on, please sign up for our mailing list. Our mailing list is used primarily to contact you about upcoming shows and fundraisers, and possibly to extend offers from other (theatre) companies. It is a full featured opt-in list, and you can leave whenever you like.

Mailing address:

40 River Road, Unit 2G-40
New York, NY 10044
Phone: (646) 450 2878

Please note, if the phone will go to voicemail after office hours (and occassionally then as well). We are notificed via email of any messages, so using emailing us direct is always the best method. Also note the above phone will not receive SMS.

Executive Director:
ReneƩ Racan Rodriguez
Email: renee AT

Marketing Director:
Nic Musolino
Email: nic AT

Patrick Doolin
Email: patrick AT

Literary Manager:
Gargi Shinde
Email: gargi AT